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Please review the following refund, cancellation, and renewal policies:

30-Day Refund Policy for Recurring Hosting Fees

All new accounts are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, exclusive of any domain registration or initial setup fees. If you request cancellation of your service for any reason any time during the first 30 days, we will issue a 100% refund of any money paid toward recurring service charges. Domain registration fees and initial setup fees are not refundable.

Cancellation Policy for Hosting Services

  • For cancellations of service, other than domain registrations, after the first 30 days, we will issue a prorated refund based on the number of days remaining in the month after the day of cancellation. If cancellation was requested on June 10th, for example, the refund would be for two-thirds (20/30ths) of the service charge for that month.

    Domain Name Registration Policy

  • All domain registration sales are final at the time of purchase and no refunds will be made except due to processing error on our part. Once registered, domains are yours for the full duration of the paid registration period. Since domains are transferable or reusable with other providers, they are not subject to refunds even if corresponding services with us are canceled.
  • Domain registrations are sold on an as-is basis. We will not be responsible for the results of our accurate execution of mis-spelled or otherwise faulty registration request. Any handling of domain name disputes, including trademark disputes, are between the registrant and ICANN or the underlying ICANN-accredited registrar.

    Domain Name Cancellation and Renewal Policy

  • To prevent interruption of service, we will attempt to automatically renew domain names registered through us approximately 30 days before expiration. If you do not wish for a domain name to be renewed, you must provide notice of cancellation at least 45 days before the end of the current registration period.
  • Automatic renewal of domains registered through us is provided on a best-effort basis as a convenience for the customer. It is your responsibility to ensure that domain registrations are renewed prior to expiration if they are to be retained. We will not be responsible for interruption of service or loss of a domain because of a failure to automatically renew a registration.
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